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About Purchasing Photographs Online
Is it safe to buy online?
Will the images look just like they do on the website?
Is there a money-back guarantee?

About Your Options
What sizes are available?
Is it possible to purchase non-standard sizes and framed photographs?
What are Canvas Prints?
What do you mean by “mounted photograph” and “non-mounted photograph"?
How should I frame my photograph?
Can I license a Philip Pankov image for use?

About Shipping
How long will it take to receive my prints?
Can I have my order expressed?
What if my photographs are damaged in transit?

About Ordering Gift Certificates
How do I select and purchase a gift certificate?
Can I put a personal message on the certificate?
Can the certificate be shipped directly to the recipient?
How are gift certificates redeemed?

About Photography - General
Read about the history of photography.
What is the difference between a traditional and digitally printed image?
What does Hand-Printed mean?
What is a Traditional Darkroom?
What is a Silver Gelatin Print?

Philip Answers Questions About His Work
What type of film do you use?
Which cameras do you use?
Why Black&White?
What advice would you give someone interested in photography?
How long have you been photographing?


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