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About Ordering Black & White Photographs

Ordering Photographs Online
Ordering photographs from is simple and secure. Just follow these three steps:

1. Select your image from the Gallery
2. Click on the red 'Purchase' link to the bottom right of the image.
3. Click the 'PayPal Add to Cart' button to the right of your selection.

About PayPal
PayPal is a secure online payment system used and trusted by over 78 million users worldwide. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards are all accepted. PayPal protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. Philip Pankov Photography is a PayPal Verified Seller. Once your payment is complete, you will be emailed a receipt.

We ship all orders free of charge to anywhere in the world. Most orders are typically shipped within a week.

Ordering Framed Prints
Due to shipping constraints framed photographs are not available for purchase online. However, if you live in the greater Dublin area and you would like to purchase a photograph framed in a classic black wood frame please contact Philip on 086 6038256 or email for prices and sizes.

About the Photography

Traditional darkroom printing is almost a lost art these days. Despite the undeniable appeal of real photographic prints there are few photographers who continue to master both the art of taking beautiful photographs and the craft of printing their work very well. Philip Pankov recognizes that both elements are key to the art form and continues to print his images by hand whenever possible. For images that are too large to print in his own darkroom he offers Silver Gelatin prints developed by a professional lab and also available stretched onto canvas an option which adds texture and depth to the image.

Archival Processing
Poorly printed images can fade with time. With each photograph Philip undertakes additional time-intensive steps to guarantee that his photographs remain unchanged for generations.

Sharpness & Detail
Philip Pankov uses time-honored techniques and cameras which produce extra large negatives to create images that are strikingly detailed and pin-sharp. The clarity of the images draws your eye into the photograph as you notice each detail and become engaged with the image. The impact of such clarity is understood instantly on seeing your first Philip Pankov photograph in person.

High-Quality Materials
In the 20+ years that Philip has been photographing he has experimented with a multitude of films, papers and photographic solutions. He has now settled exclusively on Ilford materials of the highest possible quality for all of his work.

A Great Eye
Slightly less tangible than the elements listed above, but entirely evident in his work is that Philip is just a great photographer. He knows the intricate details of composition and light combined with an innate technical understanding of his cameras and materials. The combination of these factors and his inherent eye for a great photograph have resulted in some of the most stunning images imaginable.

Years of Experience
Growing up in Moscow Philip received his first camera at the age of nine and was printing his own images by the time he was eleven. Over time the techniques and skills have become second nature.

About Your Options

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The tables below display all price and size options available on You can also click the Buy This Print: Sizes & Prices link below each image or read Details of Your Options and Details of Panoramic Options for a complete description of each option.

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