The Black & White Print book 1

Black and White print that is both Positive and Negative
Art Sinsabaugh contact black and white prints from large negatives
Simply by turning on an ordinary light bulb while the black and white print of a winter woodland scene was being developed, Yale Joel produced the striking image on the opposite page. This procedure, commonly (and somewhat incorrectly) known as solarization, gives the black and white print both negative and positive qualities. It also adds halo-like bands known as Mackie lines (after Alexander Mackie, who first described them) between adjacent highlight and shadow areas.
Bill Brandt - Britain's most successful black and white photographer
David Vestal teacher and critic of American black and white photography

Duane Michals 35mm Nikon F camera on a tripod, loaded with Tri-X film
The eerie appearance of the solarized black and white print results from a combination of chemical actions. The black and white print is prepared in the usual manner, except that the bright light is turned on for an instant about three fourths of the way through the development period.
Far out black and white prints of the Avant-Garde photography
Black and white print - Solarization's Hint of Mystery
George Krause - black and white photographer who teaches photography

George Tice master of fine black and white photographic prints
Great Black and White Photographic Printmakers of Today
The flash of light has little effect on the dark areas of the black and white print because at this stage of development most of the crystals there have already been exposed and converted to black silver by the developing process. The opposite is true of the bright areas; little affected by black and white printing exposure or developer, they contain many sensitive crystals that can still respond to light and further development.
Great Black and White Photographic Printmakers of Today, part 2
Harry Callahan - sophisticated black and white prints of stark simplicity

Hisae Imai - one of Japan's leading black and white photographers
Imogen Cunningham - black and white photographer and printmaker
The Mackie lines, which contribute greatly to a solarized black and white print's fascination, are most pronounced when the black and white picture has strong contrasts between light and dark areas. For this reason, the best results are obtained with contrasty negatives and high-contrast paper.
Jack Welpott darkroom pro passionate for black and white photography
Jean-Louis Swiners famous French black and white photographer

John Loengard - black and white printmaker and darkroom master
Mario Giacomelli master of black and white printmaking
The excessive exposure generates a strange and complex reaction in the sensitive crystal that actually reverses the usual black and white photographic mechanism; the image comes out as a positive rather than a negative. The correct name for the phenomenon shown here is the Sabattier effect, after the French physician, scientist and black and white photographer, Armand Sabattier, who first described it in 1862.
Minor White black and white photography master
Paolo Gasparini a master of black and white photography


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