Photo Techniques Magazine, USA
January 2007

pankov whole paperNote: Photo Techniques Magazine is the premier publication for photographers and enthusiasts worldwide. Each issue includes a photographer profile with a special offer for readers to add to their collections. Philip was honoured to be asked for their January/February '07 issue of 'Collector Prints'.

"Originally from Russia, Ireland-based photographer Philip Pankov earned degrees from Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin, and also studied photography at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art and Design. After he started widely exhibiting in late 90s, Pankov’s work rapidly garnered substantial recognition with the Irish population who were enchanted with his shamrock-free depiction of their country. More recently, Pankov’s work has gained increasing popularity worldwide and is now held in private and corporate collections throughout Europe, North America, and Japan. (See for more information).

All of his photographs are hand-printed by the artist himself and processed to museum archival standards. Working exclusively with traditional medium-format black-and-white film allows Philip to produce ultra high-resolution images that capture minute details with striking sharpness.

His main two cameras are Hasselblad 501CM bodies with a collection of the finest Carl Zeiss lenses ranging from 30mm fish-eye to the 180mm Sonnar. He also uses two Fuji medium-format 6x9 rangefinders—one Fuji GSW690II with 65mm lens and Fuji G690 with 90mm lens. He uses Ilford Pan F+ or Delta 100 films.

In his darkroom, he uses an LPL 4550XLG professional enlarger with Rodenstock Apo-Rodagon-N 80mm and 105 mm lenses and 4x5-inch glass negative-carrier to keep negatives completely flat.

All prints go through double fixing baths and receive Ilford Wash Aid bath treatment, followed by at least one hour washing. The prints in this offering, which are mostly of the Irish countryside, measure 9x12 inches, and are on Ilford Multigrade FB Warmtone fiber paper with glossy finish. They are mounted and signed on the mount.

These prints normally sell for $98 on RC paper, but exclusively for PHOTO Techniques, Pankov is offering them on fiber paper at the price of $80 each, or $75 for two or more.

Orders must be received by February 28, 2007.
Please allow 12 weeks after the order deadline for delivery."


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