Q&A: About Free Worldwide Shipping

How long will it take to receive my prints?
Photographs are typically shipped within 1 week and then delivered within 7-10 days. Gift Certificates can be emailed as well as posted for immediate receipt if needed.

Can I have my order expressed?
If you urgently require your order to be shipped please contact us BEFORE placing the order to discuss if it is feasible to deliver within your timelines. If you have already placed your order and would like to request express shipping for an additional $25 charge, please email sales@philpankov.com to make arrangements.

What if my photographs are damaged in transit?
We take care to ensure your photographs are protected on their way to you. However, in the case that they are damaged during shipping we will replace the damaged images at no additional cost. We simply ask that you contact us within three days of receiving your shipment and that you return the damaged images.


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